Care and Maintenance

KELESI wish customers to have 100% perfect experience with our material using. Please check the following sections for all the notes.

KELESI solid surface is easy to clean. Its fresh, hygienic appearance can be maintained by wiping away spills, grease and stains with a damp cloth and soapy water, using a mild cream abrasive cleanser or common household degreaser, and then wiping dry with a soft cloth. Sinks should be cleaned thoroughly to remove greasy deposits and stains.

Once or twice a week, they should be partially filled with warm water and 1-2 teaspoons of liquid bleach and then left to sit for a few hours or overnight. To prevent lime scale build-up from hot water, counters should be damp-wiped and then dried.

Heat Protection

Always use a heat protection pad, trivet (with rubber feet) or protective sink mat for hot cookware, or leave cookware to cool on the hob first.

Pouring boiling liquids directly into sinks without turning on the cold tap may damage your KELESI surface.

Scratches Protection

Like all materials, KELESI will develop slight abrasion marks as a result of normal daily use.

Dark, heavily pigmented colors will show scratches, dust and ordinary wear and tear more readily than lighter, textured colors.

Chemical Spills Protection

Accidental spills of strong chemicals (e.g. Paint stripper, brush cleaners, metal cleaners, oven cleaners, cleaners containing methylene chloride, acid drain cleaners, acetone based nail polish removers, etc.) should be flushed promptly with plenty of soapy water to avoid damaging worktops. For nail varnish spills, non-acetone based remover can be used and then flushed with water. Undetected or prolonged exposure to chemicals may damage the surface.


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