Fabrication Technique

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Measurement and plan must be required before cutting the material into desired size.The saw and carving machine used for cutting commonly used by: circular saw, hand held routers, table saw and CNC routers. Download Electronic Manual


Make sure all the edges of the pieces to be joined are straight and right-angled. Clean the edges thoroughly by using a piece of clean and white cloth with some alcohol before applying the adhesive. After the seam adhesive applied, join the two slabs together by using the seaming tools or other methods. Download Electronic Manual


Surfaces are sanded with a random orbital sander following the “up-down,right-left” direction using small circular motions. Sanding is to be done in several steps from rough to fine grades of sandpaper. The finish can be varied from matt to high-gloss, depending on the effect the designer wishes to obtain. Download Electronic Manual


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