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Great News: KELESI Was Certified as a High-tech Enterprise in China!

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We are honored to announce that Shandong KELESI New Material Technology Co., Ltd. has recently been certified as a high-tech enterprise in China for the year 2021. Technology is the core of corporate development, and sustainable innovation in technology is the fundamental driving force of the country’s comprehensive strength. In recent years, China has been enhancing its attention and investment in high-tech (enterprises). High-tech enterprise is a resident enterprise that continuously carries out research and development and transformation of technical achievements in the field of high-tech supported by the state, forms the core independent intellectual property rights of the enterprise, and carries out production and operation activities based on this.

After more than ten years of technology accumulation, KELESI has won the official national certification of annual High-tech Enterprise in the field of new materials / polymer materials (of new processing and application technology) with its comprehensive advantages in 1) innovative research and development of unsaturated polyester resin products 2) technical patents of acrylic sheet processing equipment; 3) introduction of scientific and technological personnel 4) internal research projects 5) efficient transformation of technical achievements 6) comprehensive environmental protection and safety management system, etc. This is the official national certification of High and New Technology Enterprise.

This honor not only represents the corporate philosophy of KELESI for the continuous pursuit of innovative technology, but also the wisdom and diligence of the R&D staff and all the employees. With this inspiration, KELESI will continue its efforts to enhance technological innovation in the field of new materials, promote industrial upgrading and boost productivity development.


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