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Introducing Kelesi Solid Surface new project in Newhaven

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Introducing Kelesi solid surface new project in Newhaven, UK.

The Green Homes, the 1st accredited Active House Homes in the UK, which is one of the world’s highest ECO standards.
Jun 8th 2021
Green energy, ’living walls’ and recycled water. –Independent Premium

The Designer: Mr. Humayun Khan
Miracles By Design: https://miraclesbydesign.co.uk/

The Green Homes are the 1st accredited Active House Homes in the UK, which is one of the world’s highest eco standards. The experience has shared with many Architects, property developers and councils about Greens homes and explained how is it possible so that they can also copy

* homes have income/savings that pay the mortgage
A, mortgage free that income/savings becomes a living wage without working or pension without saving
B, compound interest exponentially increases income/savings

* generate 200% of the energy homes consume.
A, my existing homes offset households carbon footprint by 80%
B, next time it will generate 300%
C, which will 120% offset households entire carbon footprint.

* designing more eco systems to add to green homes for the next project.


KELESI Solid Surface Color Code: LA-812 (modified acrylic solid surface) for the countertops

“This is my trial run,” the 71-year-old beams in the front room of a completed show flat. Under Khan’s system, the Newhaven homes are designed to be squeezed of all income and savings, making it possible to pay off the mortgage within 20 years. Rent the annexe to family, tenants, or for a holiday let; sell extra energy generated by solar panels, enhanced by mirrors; save money on food by growing vegetables in the indoor allotment. “Bills are a design flaw” is Khan’s catchphrase.

When it comes to the chosen of materials, Khan decided to choose one economic, durable, easy to maintain countertops from a Chinese supplier —KELESI solid surface, After strict inspection and testing, he finally chose modified acrylic solid surface.

With the opinion of ‘Green Life, Green Production’,Shanghai KELESI has a set of mature and complete system to ensure least pollution, least waste, save cost to the greatest extent, which includes: Water Circulatory System, Dust Treatment, Odor Treatment, Waste Treatment and Greening of Factory, ETC.


The factory video of KELESI solid surface left Khan a very deep impression, all the workers ’ re protected perfectly by uniforms, masks, helmets. 9 production lines are fully automatic , they can work stably without people. 200,000 sqm area factory is huge enough to stock and load 200 containers per month. Khan always knows to choose the correct one to work with, KELESI is the best partner!


Every detail may be small, but KELESI firmly believes that every small step we take is to protect workers,  service customers, and let the green way go on.

These are green homes – literally. The outside walls will be covered in a hazelnut hedge, “providing a habitat for wildlife, flowers for bees and free nuts for residents”, as the Miracles by Design website notes. Inside, “green walls” of plants in each room will clean the air, while vertical allotments will be maintained by an in-house gardener so fresh fruit and vegetables are on tap.

For all the talk of spirits, Khan’s focus is firmly on his 13 homes in Newhaven. Expected to sell for about £330,000 each, he hopes this small project will open the path for a bigger development next – 50 homes at least.

Project Details:
Location: Newhaven, UK
Year: 2021
Total surface area: 4088 square meters
Material: KELESI Modified Acrylic Solid Surface-Metallic White LA-812
Surface area: about 500 m2 of KELESI material


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