Exhibition 2021-12-29

KELESI Brings A Sweet Experience Of Exquisite Space

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I come to the world to sell cakes just to collect beautiful things. Whether it is making desserts or eating desserts, it is a satisfying process. The cake shop has always been a representative place full of sweetness. Luohe Guifei Cat Cake Store is such a Wechat-worthy place.

When you step into the store, you can see the pure white of KELESI KS-003. Together with its extended lines, a clear and warm atmosphere is created. The overall feeling is very comfortable. The fresh and exquisite visual effects brought by KELESI make the bakery as a whole present a unique style different from traditional bakery shops.

KELESI solid surface materials are greatly used in all areas that may be in contact with food by virtue of their excellent quality that meets both performance and design requirements. There is no need to worry about the growth of bacteria and the penetration of stains.

KELESI solid surface material is durable and easy to clean and maintain. It can also withstand huge passenger flow, providing reliable protection for crowded public areas. All kinds of excellent characteristics make KELESI an ideal surface material for the catering environment with high hygiene and safety requirements.
Project information
Code: KS-003
Application: bar counter, wall, countertop of display area


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