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KELESI helps improve and upgrade the overall construction of the medical environment

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Chengwu County People’s Hospital, founded in October 1949, is a modern three-level general hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention, health care, and rehabilitation. The central courtyard covers an area of 140,000 square meters, and the first phase of the building area reaches 162,000 square meters. The hospital will be put into use again on September 22, 2021.

As an upgrade project of the hospital, the central district of Chengwu County People’s Hospital aims to fundamentally improve the local overall medical treatment environment and better meet the needs of the county’s patients for treatment. This puts forward higher requirements for the overall construction of the medical environment.
KELESI solid surface material has the characteristics of thermoforming, seamless splicing, durability, sanitation and easy cleaning, meeting the dual requirements of practicability and design, and creating a comfortable overall medical environment.

The concise and magnificent shape and color matching of the consultation desk and nurse station enhance the simple and advanced style of the hospital, and increase the sense of modernity and layering. The seamlessly spliced curved arc design avoids possible safety hazards.

Areas such as the treatment room, dispensing room, and department console also put forward higher requirements for the antibacterial and pollution resistance of the countertops. The excellent product performance and unique processing characteristics of KELESI solid surface materials not only can effectively prevent the penetration of stains and the growth of bacteria, but also are easy to take care of and clean, providing a safer and more secure medical environment for both doctors and patients.
KELESI, as a comprehensive service provider of national health medical and nursing antibacterial countertop system solutions, with the latest research and development of comprehensive antibacterial solid surface materials, will continue to deepen the medical and nursing field and become the most solid and reliable partner in the construction of hospitals!
Project information
Model: LS-003
Guidance desk, nurse station, operation room, treatment room, dispensing room, operation console of the department


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