Exhibition 2021-12-31

KELESI — Opening new prospects, breaking new grounds and achieving new progress

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How time flies, and one year has gone without notice! Looking back to 2021, despite the severe epidemic situation at home and abroad, KELESI adheres to the quality policy of continuous innovation to promote corporate development and excellent quality to satisfy customers. It upholds the business philosophy of integrity, pragmatism, hard work and persistence, maintaining a healthy, steady and sustainable development momentum and embraces new glory.
The glory of KELESI consists of every shining point. Among them, there are persistence, fortitude, and splendor. Let us look back to the past with a heart of tribute, so as not to forget our original intention and move forward.

Pay respect to all the hard work of KELESI employees
The sales volume of KELESI will reach a new high in 2021. The total sales volume of KELESI solid surface materials and modified acrylic solid surface materials will exceed 608,000 pieces, maintaining a strong momentum of 21.6% annual growth. The ranking has jumped from the sixth to the fourth place in the global market.

Pay respect to the strong R&D team of KELESI
KELESI has been committed to the development and production of more cost-effective solid surface materials for more than ten years. In 2021, the R&D team will increase the R&D productivity of the vein series, continue to introduce new ones, and introduce more than 20 colors. From market-follower to market-leader, KELESI keeps moving forward.

Pay respect to strict industry/corporate standards
The development and progress of industries and enterprises cannot do without rigorous and perfect standards. KELESI has always taken industry and corporate standards as the bottom line and constantly surpassed itself. In 2021, it became one of the main drafting units of the national standard for decorative solid surface materials and passed the high-tech enterprise certification.
The antibacterial test report obtained by the composite acrylic special modified solid surface material makes KELESI become the best choice in the medical and catering fields.

Pay respect to the wonderful event
Xiamen Stone Fair, Shanghai Kitchen and Bath Fair, Shenzhen Medical Fair, the splendid and grand industry leading exhibitions fully demonstrated the growing brand power of KELESI. The rich product series and strong R&D strength have attracted an endless stream of visitors to come for consultation and understanding, and some customers directly signed strategic cooperation agreements on the spot.

Pay respect to the abundant corporate culture of KELESI
Employees are an intangible asset of an enterprise, and the best relationship between an enterprise and its employees is a common growth alliance that maintains consistency. Expansion activities, sports competitions, anniversaries, birthday parties, reading parties, afternoon tea… The rich and colorful corporate cultural activities have fully mobilized the enthusiasm and initiative of employees and strengthened the cohesion of the team. Strengthen the construction of corporate culture, enhance humanistic care, KELESI is never satisfied with the status quo and keeps moving forward!


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