Exhibition 2021-10-19

KELESI Welcomes the New “Stone” Generation of Hospital Construction Guided by the “14th Five-Year Plan”

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The 22nd China Hospital Construction Conference International Hospital Build and Infrastructure Exhibition (CHCC) ended successfully at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. As a comprehensive service provider of countertop system solutions in the domestic health and medical field, KELESI brings the latest antibacterial solid surface materials developed with great concentration to welcome the new “stone” generation of hospital construction guided by the “14th Five-Year Plan”.

As the leader of solid surface materials in the domestic market, KELESI is a strategic partner of many companies in the medical field. The design of our booth this time fits with the artistic characteristics of KELESI solid surface materials that can be bent and shaped, thus enhancing customers’ deep understanding of our product.

In response to the special requirements of the medical industry, KELESI set up a test report display area in the booth, which more intuitively represented the specific data and related test results of KELESI solid surface materials in terms of antibacterial, chemical resistance, and pollution resistance. We also grandly launched the latest comprehensive antibacterial solid surface material developed with great concentration on the exhibition site to meet the demanding antibacterial requirements put forward by some of the top companies in the domestic medical field.

In the product exhibition area, KELESI displayed the latest achievements in the development of Vein Series. Abundant colors, natural and flexible textures and super R&D strength have won unanimous affirmation and praise from customers and industry peers.

During the CHCC exhibition, there was an endless stream of old and new friends who came to our booth for consultation, and some customers directly signed a strategic cooperation agreement on the spot.

Through the CHCC, KELESI displayed the latest comprehensive antibacterial material and the fruitful results achieved in the medical and nursing industry, which further encouraged our determination and confidence in continuing to deepen the medical field.

We believe that with the trust and support of many customers and friends, and the hard work of the KELESI family, KELESI will have a better tomorrow!



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