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Kelesi Wide Sheet

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Proud to announce that we successfully installed a new wide sheet production line for solid surface, which is capable of producing any with from 500mm-1520mm. Most of the solid surface manufacturers can only offer standard width, such as 760mm, 900mm, 1350mm, 1520mm, but in Kelesi, we can offer any color in any width between 500mm-1520mm, which make designs take shape is easier and more efficient than ever.

Advantages of Kelesi Solid Surface Wide Sheet::
1. Super Flexible widths(500-1520mm), which can reduce fabrication time and save cost. Usually most of the well-known brands in the market, they don’t offer so many different sizes as the production system is all different when it comes to different sizes. However, Kelesi is trying our best to offer what customer wants.

2. Super Flexible thickness(6-30mm). In most of the countries, customer use laminate/natural stone as countertops, but now some of them are willing to change to our 20mm/25mm/30mm solid surface for its low maintenance durability. On the other hand, 20mm/25mm/30mm solid surface can be directly installed without MDF support compared to 12mm.

3. All colors are available in our wide sheet production line. There are thousands of colors in our system. If you need any colors which can’t be found in our system, we can match it in 3 days.

4. High gloss finish is available. Usually the solid surface sheet sold in the market, you can only get matt finish-400#, but in Kelesi, we can send sheets to you with high gloss-800# to you. It saves sanding time for fabricators. You can just install it and only need to sand the edges.

5. Quick Lead-time: 20 days for production. Compared to other solid surface manufacturers, 20 days is even shorter or similar with their standard size production.

Now with Kelesi’s wide sheet line, you can make your project faster, cost-less and less product waste through the elimination of typical cutting and joining processes. If you are interested in our products, you can contact info@shkelesi.com.


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