Exhibition 2021-02-08

New Dream, New Journey

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                                                                          New Dream, New Journey

                                                  The 2021 Spring-Festival Tea Party in Shanghai Kelesi

As this challenging year winds down, we are embracing the coming new year—the year of ox with all the blessings and hopes. A joyful Spring-Festival Tea Party with its theme of New Dream, New Journey was held in Shanghai Kelesi in the warm afternoon on Feb. 5th.

The tea party started with an relaxed and pleasant speech by presenter. Afterwards, Sandy Zhang the Director of Overseas Sales and Marketing Department and Shelly Sha the Manager of Customer Service Department summarized separately the work and performance of their team in the past year, and shared their plan for the coming new year.

Times are changing fast, fortune rewards the diligent. In this tea party, outstanding staff was announced and rewarded with bonus and the honor of Best Employee of The Year. The staff also shared his successful experience.

After the award, there came to a free talk about the subject of Financial Freedom on which everyone shared enthusiastically their own understanding and thoughts. Financial Freedom is not only a new dream, but also a new journey worth striving for. In the past year of 2020, each staff and members in Kelesi had been holding together to face up and overcome all the challenges. In this new 2021, the Kelesi people will be continuously chasing up their dreams on the Kelesi platform, striving and sticking together on the journey of making KELESI a world-class company with the attitude of Honesty, Quality, Diligence, Persistence.

After the free speech, Mr. Huang Da Cang, the CEO of Shanghai Kelesi has made a concluding presentation. In his speech, Mr. Huang praised the remarkable sales achieved by the whole team of Overseas Department in 2020, and laid out a promising plan for 2021.

Under such delight and harmonious atmosphere, the Kelesi 2021 Spring Festival Tea Party drew to a successful closure. Each participant got a red packet and holiday gift in the end.

In 2021, Kelesi will continue to be committed towards developing with constant innovations and delivering excellent quality to customer satisfaction. May Kelesi forge ahead courageously on the new journey of more glorious future, make all grand plans come true!


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