Exhibition 2021-11-26

Play hard, Work hard — KELESI’s November collective birthday party ended successfully

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In this moving moment, in this moment of gathering, we gathered together with laughter, blessings, and singing, and ushered in a special good day. This is the November collective birthday party for the employees of Shandong KELESI New Material Technology Co., Ltd. (Linqu production base).

Although our seven birthday celebrants come from all over the country, come from different families and speak different dialects, today we are fortunate to gather at the KELESI big family and share this unforgettable moment with so many great partners together!

The cake symbolizes a united collective, and the shining candle symbolizes our beating heart. We are excellent because of the collective, and the collective is also proud of us.

Lei Zhihui, vice president of KELESI, Wang Limin, vice president of R&D and quality control, and Shan Xiyong, manager of human resources, attended this collective birthday party, giving speeches, cutting cakes, handing out gifts to the birthday celebrants, and sharing the collective sweetness and joy of this party.
The collective birthday party in November enhanced the cohesion of the KELESI team, reflected the people-oriented management culture, strengthened the communication between the enterprise and employees, and further stimulated the enthusiasm of all teammates. Let us continue to work passionately and live happily!


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