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Shanghai Kelesi Reading Sharing

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Keep Learning, Keep Growing

The Reading Sharing in Kelesi

Reading widely can not only broaden our horizons, cultivate our mind, but also develop the reading and writing skills, enhance the abilities of communication and expression. On Nov.19th,2020, the first reading sharing session in which all Kelesi staff and members participated, was held in Shanghai Kelesi office. The theme of it was to Keep Learning, Keep Growing.

Aiming at building an evolutionary organization, Kelesi set up a book corner in Shanghai office from October to encourage each staff member to challenge themself through continuous learning. By reading more excellent books in the spare time, the enthusiasm and creativity of Kelesi staff and members can be motivated and inspired. This book corner will be one of the important means to make the corporation full of cohesiveness, and form a favorable corporate culture as well.

In this reading sharing session, many excellent books were covered, such as Competitive Strategy, Thinking,Fast and Slow, Rich Dad’s, History of South and North Korea,Inamori Kazuo, Value, The Art of Communication and Wisdom of Life, Steve Jobs, 21 Secrets of Million Dollar Sellers etc. Every participant shared cordially their concise views and reflections on the books they read, and how they inspired the life of their own. As a famous saying goes, books are the stepping stones to human progress. Such a reading sharing session offers a good opportunity for Kelesi staff member to get access to those excellent books, thus fosters an encouraging atmosphere for everyone to keep learning and keep growing.

Reading sharing is an effective way to output the knowledge we acquire, to deliver the ideas and thoughts we want to express. Though lasted only for three hours, this sharing not only promoted understanding of each staff and members, but also strengthened the communication and teamwork spirit of Kelesi as a whole.

With the successful close of Kelesi’s first reading sharing session, we are looking forward to the next one soon.


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