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The Successful 2021 KELESI Team Building Activity

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Work in Passion, Live in Joy, United to Make More Achievements.

The Successful 2021 KELESI Team Building Activity

 April 24th, 2021

Despite of the incessant worldwide wide pandemic, KELESI has achieved remarkable sales performance in the first quarter of 2021, thanks to the concerted efforts of its staff and members. On April 24th , KELESI Shanghai office organized a team building activity with its theme of Work in Passion, Live in Joy, United to Make More Achievements. This activity was held in Jinshan District in Shanghai where former KELESI was founded so that we can relive the hard struggle of the past.

This team building included visiting former KELESI factory site and holding some outdoor activities. The aim was to inspire the passion, strengthen the cohesiveness of its staff, and to better understand the original aspiration and mission of KELESI.

After arriving at the destination, Ms Li who has been worked in KELESI for over 10 years, told us about the history of former KELESI. From 2008 to 2017, the first KELESI people worked wholeheartedly to produce each solid surface under the original company philosophy of Honesty, Quality, Diligence, Persistence. It was their spirit of fearing no difficulties and hard struggle that laid the solid foundation for nowadays KELESI. For just over a decade, KELESI has grown from a small factory of 15,000 sqm to a large one of over 200,000 sqm with annual production capacity of thousands of containers from only 10 containers more in the beginning. Nowadays KELESI not only exports to Korea, but also to over 30 other overseas countries and regions like Europe, USA, East Asia, Middle Asia, Southeast Asia etc. Hearing the history, we were all filled with admiration for those old-timers, and proud of being part of such a great company. After this trip, with more sense of responsibility and mission, we will be putting on our best performance and enthusiasm at work, exerting each of our own effort on the journey of making KELESI going global.

Leaving the factory site, we headed to a farm land which located away from the urban clamor. There we enjoyed the beautiful spring view, played games such as Hula hoop, Giant steps, Skipping rope, Throwing the handkerchief etc. and picked fruits in the fields.

In this game, team members were required to work together without language communication in order to cultivate the collective sense of honor. This was also a good way to let everyone get relaxed.

Braving winds and waves, the team as a whole forged ahead to the destination at a consistent pace. What a wonderful experience to learn the spirit of team-work!

Breathing the refreshing fragrance of green grass, we started fruit-picking in the fields which was filled with cheers and laughter all through. What an enjoyable experience to appreciate the generosity from nature!

Those activities were all well planned to inspire team members to work together with trust and passion. By working with positive attitude and collective competitiveness, this team building not only enhanced the tactic understanding of one another, but also boosted the creative cooperation and cohesiveness of the team as a whole, and cultivated our sense of achievements and collective honor.

This team building drew to a happy closure after visiting former KELESI factory and activities on the farm land. As a saying goes ,it’s better to follow the wind than wait for it to come, because life is full of unknows. Holding in mind its original aspiration and mission, all staff and members in Shanghai KELESI office will be more courageous to break through their own limits, and more united to achieve new heights in the coming future.



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