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Unite and Make Great Achievements KELESI’s Year-end Summary and Commendation Meeting Ended Successfully

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The Year of the Ox is filled with the fruits of a bountiful harvest, and the Year of the Tiger joyfully welcomes the blossom of lovely flowers. Saying goodbye to the unforgettable 2021 and ushering in the new 2022. Looking back at the struggle of the past years, we are looking forward to the new journey of KELESI.

Shandong KELESI New Material Technology Co., Ltd. 2021 annual summary commendation meeting was held grandly. The employees of Shandong production base, Jinan office and Shanghai office gathered together to celebrate the new year and plan for the development in the future.


General manager’s speech to encourage progress

After the opening of the commendation conference, Huang Dacang, general manager of Shandong KELESI New Material Technology Co., Ltd. firstly delivered an opening speech. Under the influence and challenges of the severe economic situation at home and abroad, the company has achieved promising results in terms of brand honor, service quality and operational efficiency with the diligent efforts of all the staff.


Recognition of advanced employees to inspire forward movement

The achievements of KELESI today, in addition to the wise strategic guidance of the leaders, is also inseparable from the outstanding staff’s unfailing and silent perseverance. They are dedicated and hard-working, and interpret “no pain, no gain”. They have also set up an exemplary leading role, which has enabled KELESI to climb to new heights one after another.

For this reason, in the commendation meeting, the company leaders awarded honorary certificates and bonuses to the employees who won the honors of “2021 Excellent Technician”, “2021 Excellent Employee”, “2021 Excellent Team Leader”, “2021 Sales Elite” and “2021 Excellent Newcomer” to further motivate and promote the work of all employees to reach a new level, set off a new wave of construction of Shandong KELESI, and ensure the company to fully complete the new tasks and challenges in 2022.


Team-oriented group activities

The rapid development of Shandong KELESI is the crystallization of collective wisdom, sweat and dedication of all employees, which fully demonstrates the sense of ownership and hard-working style of KELESI people and practices the harmonious progress of employees and enterprises. Standing on the new starting point, we need to gather the common strength of all the employees together to plan a more stable development. Let’s unite together, twist together, work together, and create a new glory of KELESI.


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