Exhibition 2021-10-07

Work with passion, Live in joy ——The annual sharing meeting of KELESI Domestic Business Department successfully concluded.

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In the golden month of October when cinnamons are in bloom. In this harvest season, we welcomed the annual sharing meeting of KELESI Domestic Business Department. On the occasion of this anniversary, all colleagues talked about their understanding of the KELESI company and domestic business team since joining, personal growth during the work process and career plans for the next 2-3 years.

Colleagues from KELESI Domestic Business Department delivered their speech in turn, including “newcomers” who have been employed for less than one month, and “seniors” who have been employed for more than 3 years. Everyone has different feelings, but experienced the process of confusion-learning-professionalism during the work. Every newcomer quickly became familiar with KELESI family under the company’s comprehensive training mechanism and the old employees’ “pass-help-lead” work model.

Each company has its own unique values and corporate culture. For sales colleagues, the concept of KELESI is to win the market with its high quality products, which is a new sales concept. Colleagues in the team all mentioned that we are no longer doing favors to customers but relying on high-quality products and services to steadily expand brand awareness and market share.

Since the establishment of KELESI Domestic Business Department three years ago, we have experienced various difficulties and gone through some detours. Now the goal is getting clearer and clearer, the pace is getting firmer and firmer, showing a prosperous appearance.

In the future, under the guidance of KELESI’s business philosophy of ” Honesty   Pragmatism   Diligence   Persistence “, every KELESI person will not forget the original aspiration, forge ahead, and create our own glory. We firmly believe that the future can be expected !



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