Exhibition 2021-09-24

Work with Passion, Live in Joy Warm congratulations on the success conclusion of a basketball friendly between the Overseas Business and Domestic Business Department in Kelesi.

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In order to enhance the communication between Overseas Business and Domestic Business Department, enrich their recreational life, and to boost the team collaboration and cohesiveness within the company, an exceptional basketball match was held in Kelesi recently.

With full passion and tremendous spirit, all players on the court gave their full display of tactic team cooperation as well as flexible dribbles and skillful attack-defense. Scores rose alternatively as both teams going all out trying to overtake each other, slick passing basketball from one to another. What an exciting tight match! At last, the Overseas Business team won the match by a close score of 48 to 46.

Outside the basketball court, cheerleaders comprised of staff who didn’t play in the match were calling out their support and boosting the morale of the players from time to time. What an encouraging and beautiful scenery they became!

The basketball match not only embodied the very KELESI culture of Work with Passion, Live in Joy, but also demonstrated the indomitable fighting and dauntless spirit borne within KELESI people. This match offered a good route for staff and members to release stress from work, to feel the warmth and strength of KELESI family as a whole. With enhanced team work spirit, all staff and members in KELESI will continue to exert their utmost effort to accomplish the annual sales target in the fourth quarter of 2021.

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