Exhibition 2021-11-10

Work with passion, Live with Joy A successful conclusion of the November Birthday Party in Kelesi 

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There is one culture can nourishes all things without a sound.
There is one love can warm one’s heart without noticing.
The monthly birthday party for employees display exactly such culture and love.
It is fate to call everyone here to strive for the dream of hearts in the best year of ours.
Because of you, Kelesi attains more strength on the road of fighting and struggling for better.
Happy Birthday to you all– the birthday girls and boys in November, that’s the best wishes from Shandong Kelesi New Material Technology Co., Ltd.  Shanghai Office

On Nov. 8th, a special November Birthday Party was held in Kelesi Shanghai office. Accompanied by the birthday song, and enthusiastic applause, the birthday person was surrounded by the best blessings from all staff and members.

What a special date to memorize!
We are joining together, lighting the candles, and making a good wish
in such an unforgettable moment.

What a warm experience for all staff and members!, to celebrate birthday together, play games and eating cakes.
May the happiness inhabit us all for everyday to come.
Let’s continue to work with passion, live with joy in the big family of Kelesi in 2021!


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