Exhibition 2021-12-10

Work with Passion, Live with Joy KELESI December Employee Birthday Party Ended Successfully

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Life needs a sense of ceremony, and work needs a sense of belonging. Despite of the freezing weather outside, the warmth inside is not diminished. Shandong Kelesi New Material Technology Co., Ltd. Jinan office gathered together to witness the growth of the outstanding regional manager Hua Cheng and celebrate his birthday together.

With delicious birthday cakes, various fruits and snacks, everyone gathered together, and the air all revealed the warmth and care of family. On behalf of the company, customer service manager Zhang Yanan sent sincere blessings and birthday gifts to Hua Cheng. Along with the cheerful birthday song, the birthday boy made a sweet birthday wish.

After sharing the birthday cake, all started to have funny games. The intense game not only tested everyone’s agility, but also showed the degree of tacit understanding between colleagues. The whole process was full of laughter.

The big family of KELESI will remember every special and shining you. We hope that every employee can unite and work hard as a protagonist, and grow together with KELESI all the way, to promote the enterprise development with continuous innovation and satisfy customers with excellent quality.


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