Exhibition 2022-02-22

Work with Passion, Live with Joy KELESI January Employee Birthday Party Ended Successfully

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Winter warmth and sunshine are hidden in all things, the years are sunken in the fragrance and make the time joyful. We were filled with happiness and welcomed the January staff birthday party. The Jinan office and Shandong production base held a warm and lively birthday celebration for the birthday stars in January.


Jinan Office

One year old, one gift, one inch of joy. Let smiles gather together, let joy be shared.


Shandong production base

In the name of birthday, we engraved the good time, let us be grateful to accompany each other and appreciate our common growth. A simple but ritualistic birthday party, pouring out the thanks and affirmation of KELESI for everyone’s long-time efforts. May all colleagues feel the warmth and tolerance of our big family. No fear of time, seize the day and live it to the fullest. Together, we are filled with joy and hope for the future.


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