We fully understand the importance of after-sell services. Therefore, a detailed warranty is provided to cover your concerns.

KELESI Solid Surfaces (hereunder “KELESI”) hereby warrants to the original residential and/or commercial purchaser of our Solid Surface materials to be free of manufacturing defects for a period of 10 years starting from the date of installation. Our Solid Surfaces must be fabricated and installed in accordance to the KELESI Fabrication and Installation guidelines.
KELESI at its sole option will repair or replace such products if they fail due to any manufacturing defect during the first ten years from the date of initial installation, with necessary and reasonable labor charges if justified. All repairs or replacements hereunder are to be performed by KELESI or its designated agents. KELESI shall make its best effort to provide with the best possible color match material.

This warranty excludes issues due to the following:


Minor conditions such as stains, scratches, water spots and burns, which due to the unique properties of our Solid Surfaces, may be corrected by techniques specified in our Cleaning & Maintenance instructions;


Failure not to comply with our instructions including fabrication, installation, cleaning, maintenance;


Any products moved from their original place of installation;


Failure or dissatisfaction with appearance of joints or seams, created with solid surface joint adhesive, caulk, or of any other adhesive product;


Color variation from any sample material;


Failure caused by improper cabinet or substructure support;


Misuse or Abuse (intended or unintended including physical or chemical);


Damage caused by extreme heat;


Damage caused by an act of nature such as fire, flood, earthquakes, wind, rain and other natural causes;


Damages from other than manufacturing defect;


Normal wear and tear

The end-user must advise KELESI or their designated agent in writing of the product defect prior to the expiration of the warranty period.

This warranty is transferable in the event that you sell your home or business. The warranty does not renew upon transfer of home or business ownership. Proof of purchase for the original installation date will be required before warranty service is rendered.

KELESI neither assumes nor authorizes any person or company to act on behalf of KELESI for any decisions regarding this warranty. The final decision will be the responsibility of KELESI for our product(s).


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